Marie james


Building on an extensive, award-winning career producing and commissioning content for companies including Channel 4, Marie works closely with writers to develop their stories for the screen. Marie and Sonya are long time collaborators having met  while Marie was Writer in Residence at East 15 Acting School. Later Sonya and Marie produced feature documentary Beyond Tolerance. To date, Bar Mice developed film scripts have or are being read by, Film 4, Xeitgeist Entertainment Group and Warp Films among others. Bar Mice’s first short drama ‘Lads’ is now in postproduction and is on course for release in 2018. 




Sonya Sier


Sonya is an award-winning international producer who gained a decade of global experience working with the best creative minds in music promos, narrative and commercials. With clients spanning the global commercial world, Sonya delivers a relentless passion for contemporary storytelling and nurturing talent within the budget line. Sonya’s work been nominated for and won BIFA’s, BAFTA’s, Cannes Lyons, Golden Circle and Golden Arrow Awards for clients including Sony, Universal, Warner, Mercury, Google, Cancer Research, Thomson Reuters, Bvlgari and HSBC.


kaede loh


Kaede’s enormous passion for film led her to immerse herself in the business. Despite having been a piano teacher for 26 years, she has travelled extensively to industry events worldwide. She began writing in 2013 and her first screenplay, ‘June’, was selected for an Actors’ Table Read at London Screenwriters’ Festival. Recently The Talented Uncle Julian hit semi-final and quarterfinal positions in two eminent US screenwriting competitions (WeScreenplay and ScreenwritingU). Inspired to write by Japanese Actor, Takuya Kimura, Kaede has now written eight screenplays of different genres that blend Asian and Western culture.